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Welcome to Evotherapy, a premium private Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy clinic in London and Kent, offering a range of therapy services to treat your problem in the best possible way. We combine these therapies to powerful effect, and offer a free consultation to plan the best course of action for you to achieve the changes you desire. Create an environment of health and happiness that leads to the future of your choice. Get in touch now and book your consultation.
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About Evotherapy

Based in London and Kent, Evotherapy provide premium private Hypnotherapy to treat a variety of issues. Let us help you make the changes you need. Evotherapy is about the belief that growth and personal evolution come from commitment to active change. It's time to learn to grow. Our clinic is about offering support in overcoming problems and nurturing a sense of wellbeing and healthy mindfulness. We believe in effective results, professional integrity and changing people’s lives.
You can create better choices than the ones you’re giving yourself now.

Depression, anxiety, fears and phobias, self-esteem issues, weight management, smoking cessation, public speaking, confidence building, pain control - these are among the many things we have experience tackling.

Knowing how to use your mind’s own potential to unlock your own resources is something we can all do. Yet many seem to drift through life accepting limitations, fears and emotional constraints. And, we allow the physical and mental symptoms of this to manifest. At Evotherapy our approach is about understanding these processes and looking to help you build the tools to solve your own problem, for good. That’s our mission. This isn’t about ongoing pampering that never ends. This isn’t a therapy of dependancy. This is about fast and effective results. This is about solving the problem. This is about eliminating barriers, optimising your performance and getting you feeling your best. You can create better choices than the ones you’re giving yourself now. When you’re ready to change for the better, get in touch.


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Amu Chandra
Hypnotherapist, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapist.
Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR, ABH), NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner (ANLP and ABNLP) and Time Line Therapist (TLTA).


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